Bitcoin ATM Locations in Antigua

PayAntigua operates cryptocurrency ATMs on the island. Buy and sell BTC, ETH, BCH, and more.

Citizen By Investment Crypto Payment Provide

PayAntigua works with your CIP agent to process your crypto payment.

OTC Crypto Desk

Your solution for buying or selling large amounts of cryptocurrency in Antigua And Barbuda.

PayAntigua Crypto ATM Locations

For our initial launch, PayAntigua will deploy 5 Crypto ATMs in convenient locations throughout the island.
We are fully licensed and regulated by the government of Antigua And Barbuda through their financial regulatory body the FSRC.
We have landed the latest Lamassu hardware that can accept and dispense Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD) and have begun our deployment process.
Find the list of our PayAntigua crypto ATM locations below:

ATM Location 2

ATM Location 3

ATM Location 5

Want to buy your Antigua Passport with cryptocurrency?

PayAntigua works with licensed CIP agents here on island to process cryptocurrency payments for those applicants who wish to pay their donation and agent fees in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or many other cryptos.

PayAntigua makes paying for your passport with crypto simple and easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find the answers to commonly asked questions, and demystify yourself about Bitcoin Cash, These questions are commonly asked, and they are questions one should ask when learning about cryptocurrency and considering whether an investment is recommended or not.

Bitcoin is a currency born into the digital age. Digital money is different than the traditional finance world is used to. It offers three core values in which many currencies cannot attain: Decentralization, Open Source, and Peer-to-Peer networking.

Bitcoin is a network operating by the three foundational principles of technological freedom: decentralization, open source code, and true peer-to-peer technology. Bitcoin’s trust is based on the subjective valuations of human faith in mathematical algorithms, encryption and numbers. With the three pillars of technological principles Bitcoin’s blockchain is a peer-reviewed system of integrity.

Are you unserved or underserved by the current international banking system because you or your family live in an emerging economy, or freelance for clients overseas? Are you under 18, or work in an industry the credit card companies or PayPal don’t approve of? Have you ever had an account frozen for some random irregularity, or had to pay over $20 in international money transfer fees just to send your funds to a friend or loved one? Bitcoin is the perfect solution to all of those issues.

Nobody is "in charge" of Bitcoin – at least in the sense that Bitcoin is not a company or organization, has no governing body and no organizational structure. Bitcoin is simply a software protocol, like HTTP (aka the Internet and SMTP (aka email). This has been the case since Bitcoin’s creator, the person (or persons) calling themselves Satoshi Nakamoto, released their creation into the wild in 2009.


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BCA.Ltd, an entity trading under PayAntigua, is committed to adhering to the highest standards of compliance and regulatory oversight under the Digital Asset Business Act, 2020 No. 16 of 2020, which maintains a comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) program. PayAntigua is independently audited for further compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

PayAntigua is a leading provider of crypto services in Antigua, offering a full range of merchant payment solutions, an extensive ATM network. BCA is committed to providing customers with secure, reliable, and competitively priced financial solutions. It is also dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and a commitment to responsible crypto practices.

We are a licensed Financial Digital Service Provider with the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC). If you would like to learn more about us or our services, please visit the FSRC website to find out more: